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Manufacturing Innovative Products to Modernize The AK Rifle

AK accessories rugged and reliable as the AK rifle itself.

Premier Shooting Solutions LLC was established in 2015 by an AK enthusiast located in Madison, Mississippi. Passion for the AK platform led to the quest on how to best mount optics to AK rifle without permanent alterations when no factory side rail was present. As no such commercial product existed, he fabricated his own. The increasing requests for copies of this AK Master Mount™ side rail led to full time production. The AK community’s continued support has allowed us to grow and manufacture other products to improve the AK rifle’s functionality and shooting experience.

“We’re actual AK users bringing our designs to the marketplace to modernize a classic and battle-proven rifle.”


These were our requirements for a side rail product to mount optics on an AK rifle without permanently altering it from factory condition.

Our first generation side rail was made of aluminum. Next was the Gen 2 version made of steel as rugged as the AK rifle itself.

In the summer of 2019 we introduced the Gen 3 version of the AK Master Mount™ side rail. It is still made of steel, but approximately 50% lighter by trimming away unneeded metal. This also improved its aesthetics and compatibility with triangle folding stocks.

Our proprietary AK Master Mount™ side rail is still the only commercially available product that delivers a reliable side rail attachment point for milled or stamped receivers without permanent modifications to the AK rifle’s receiver.

Improving the Antiquated Safety Lever

Our second product was the AK Master Mount™ Enhanced Safety Lever. An enhanced safety lever is the first and easiest upgrade any AK owner can make as the traditional AK safety lever is functional, but far from user friendly.

Our Enhanced Safety Lever has several improvements over the competition such as a large, flat, textured, heavy gauge steel side tab that simplifies upward as well as downward rotational use.

The lever’s side tab location will not interfere with trigger manipulation or magazine exchanges, and it is optimally placed to allow for use on many AK rifles with an underfolding stock.

We make versions for a milled or stamped receiver, with or without a bolt-hold-open notch, and in semi- or full-auto configuration.


The optic mount is our newest product, but it actually has roots to the beginning of our company. Our optic mount was officially released in December 2019; however, it has been in the works since our founding. This explains the origins of our product line’s name: AK Master Mount.

Like our other products, the AK Master Mount™ optic mount was built because the market place did not offer a product that met our expected specifications for serious AK users. So we built one.

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