We have taken the traditional AKM safety lever and “tactically” enhanced it for the modern AK user. This AK Master Mount™ enhanced safety lever is designed to fit semi-automatic, AKM styled stamped receivers.

Special versions available:

(1) A version for MILLED receivers is available upon request.  Please specify “milled version” in the special comment section at check-out, as well as email me to confirm your request. 

(2) I also have a limited quantity of a YUGO version that also has the extended side tab and bolt hold open cut-out.  These are $50 with $5 shipping.  Please email me to purchase the Yugo version. 




The best part is that the extended side tab is located high enough that it will fit on AKs with underfolder stocks WITHOUT notching or modifying the stock’s folding arm, but yet not mounted at the top of the lever edge where it can be out of reach of the trigger finger.  The side tab location also allows this enhanced safety lever to be used on AK wire folding stocks.




The side tab is heavy duty gauged steel and has a textured finger rest.






Bolt hold open notch.


It has a rounded distal end to prevent the lever’s end from hanging below the bottom edge of the AK receiver.  This safety lever is fully compatible with the AK Master Mount™ side rail, and it has the same corrosion resistant Black-T ™ finish.




The safety lever is made of steel and measures 4 1/8″ long. The detent protrusion is located 3 3/4″ from the beginning of the lever.  Note these measurements to ensure the safety lever’s detent matches up with the stop notches on the side of your receiver.